To Whom it may Concern,

This blog was started, as a means to Identify Friend….from Foe.  More specifically to educate you on the difference between True Liberty, and Utter Bondage.  At a time when Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in a Psychological War on your Morality, Privacy, Faith, and Independence, there is no greater Sword than that of the Truth. Truth in what you know to be Right and Righteous. Truth that only your own personal selfishness has blinded you from. Truth that will set you Free if you unlock the cage around your mind that has had your logic locked away under fear of Offending, of Intolerance, and Injustice to those less fortunate.  This… is for those of you, like myself, who see the REAL Injustice, the REAL Intolerance, and the REAL Offences. Yes, this blog is for you. You, who will ultimately decide the fate of Liberty, and of Freedom. Of Personal responsibility, and of Private Property. Of Justice, Honor, and this Country. This once Amazing and Glorious land, this United States of America. For without Her we ALL are lost.  This is Not a place for the weak of mind that have allowed themselves to be manipulated by their Own laziness, Selfishness, or Greed. No, this is not for the sheep that give their life to a party that thinks  it is morally acceptable to do nothing to better themselves while they live off the backs of others. No, this is not for the meek that believe they are “owed” because of  “Wrongs” long passed. NO, THIS IS NOT FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WOULD TAKE AND TAKE AND TAKE IN THE NAME OF SOCIAL JUSTICE!! FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE LEADS TO SOCIALISM! WHICH LEADS TO THE TAKING OF PRIVATE PROPERTY! WHICH LEADS TO SERVITUDE AND SLAVERY!! No, this is a site for the seekers of what they know to be true in their hearts. For without Private Property there is no Privacy. No Privacy, no Liberty. No Liberty, no Freedom. No Freedom, no life. No life……Death.  This is but the Start of what I hope will  become a movement of Personal Awakening. For I was once like you, until I saw, with my own two eyes the eventual outcome of the complacency that has overcome our Great Republic. Of what eventually happens when you put all your trust in others for your best interest instead of yourself. Of what will come to pass when you lose faith in your own heart. OF what happens when you let Government Decide for you.  I hope this to be the beginning, the Beginning……of a Revolution.

Know this before you comment….I’m not here to debate. Im here to find friends and define Enemies. To inform those who truly know the signs of things to come and are looking for clarity and resolve in their belief. Check back regularly for  info on the struggle between Control and Resistence.


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