Signs of the Coming Conflict

I’m sure by now many of you out there have heard of the Tea party movement. If not then your oblivious to your surroundings and I do not want you in my fox hole. Moving on. It’s becoming ever more clear that this country’s people are on edge, at the boiling point, and will not stand for too much more injustice. If like myself you have been paying attention, you would already see the signs. The most important of these is the massive increase in gun and ammunition sales. Which by the way have yet to decline since the election last year. No, instead the sales continue on a steady rise, and at most leveling before another increase. More over there are reports of many new gun owners beginning to value their 2nd Amendment rights (well better late than never I s’pose). Now the Fringe media would have you believe that it’s the same group of racist bigots that cling to their bibles who are buying everything up. Claiming that their scared Obama and this massive Government will attempt to take them away(which they will, thru U.N. resolutions to bypass the 2nd amendment), and while that may be a factor in some cases it is not the overall deciding factor. Just look at the events that took place in Iran this past summer, and the overall outcome of what happens when people without guns stand up to those that do.  More so if you look at the profits generated by said industry you will see that by the middle of this year many of the different manufactures reported in excess of 500% profits and were struggling to keep up with demand. Now do the math, how could the same group of people, in a recession mind you, afford to inflate the Guns and Ammo market  that much in just 7 months, and the biggest spike in sales was just before last years Christmas? When people are buying other gifts as well? Considering that just months prior to the election several  Firearms manufactures were on the verge of bankruptcy. Does that make any sence? If gun owners were such a small minority then how could they afford that? And why have groups like the NRA grown ten fold in just a year? Think about it. People know, they know the eventual outcome of what will happen if our government continues down the road they seem intent on traveling at full steam ahead. People know because history has foretold our future. At this point in OUR time it is important to be ready, and so I must remind you of the Three Boxes. First the Soap Box, which brings me back to the Tea Party Movement. All across this land many of you may have already attended one or two or three “Astro turf Redneck Rallies” as some on the Fringe would call them. But you know better, because you know yourself and your compatriots more than they ever will. And while you hope to achieve a better direction with your cry you know in your heart that our supposed leaders disregard your voice as meaningless and trivial. They honestly believe that they know how to run your life and your family better than you do. After all who are you? I’ll tell you who you are. You’re an American, a citizen of the Greatest Country the world has ever known, and you know this to be true. Now bear in mind, an Armed Man with a Gun is a Citizen, an unarmed man is a subject, “For those that turn their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” Keep that in mind as you continue to spread the message of true equality, justice, and American Sovereignty. Two, there is the Ballot Box, oh let there be thanks to the ballot box. Since the end of the “War of Northern Aggression” or the “Civil War,” as many of you know it by, (Psst!  the South was on the Verge of abolishing their own Slavery before the North Invaded! Do some more homework) the ballot box has been the only deciding factor to change the course of politics. But in these more recent times, with groups like ACORN on the rise, do you really think Honest voting and outcomes will still happen? Maybe, in some of the elections that do not dramatically change the leadership caste. I believe, as many I have talked do, that by the time the 2010 elections come there will be a new “Crisis,” one that will lead to the suspending of the elections. Look at “Swine Flu” or H1N1 if you prefer. H1N1 and Avion Flu combined have not killed has many people as the yearly regular flu has throughout history. Oh and by the way, swine flu is not a new virus. If thats the case why the sudden interest and concern over controlling a non-existing pandemic? Do not be fooled. This is a play to those who would be Kings, and they are simply setting the stage. Which Finally brings me to the Third Box. The Box that has delivered more Freedom and Justice than any other box. This Box my fellow Patriots is the Ammo Box, for when all other boxes are crushed beneath the weight and burden of our attempting overseers the Ammo Box stands firm. For it is the one box all free men rely upon to ensure their freedom, the one box even our enemies know they must use, and the one box our enemies have been trying to steal from under us for many decades. Gun Control has never been about controlling crime, we already have laws for that regardless of the way it was committed. Gun Control has always been the only way to control the people. Ask Hitler, Stalin, or the leftist favorite Mao Tse-tung how well it work before they murdered millions of their own people and imprisoned millions more for disobedience.  Because a gun is just a tool, and it is in human nature to utilize the best tools available to achieve our goals. Weather it be for Freedom, or Oppression. If there were no guns, then they would be attempting to remove our blades (oh wait..they already are). A criminal will use what ever is at his disposal. A gun is no more responsible for a crime than a hammer. Is a murder by a gun any worse than one by a knife? In my opinion? No. But you already know this. I am simply trying to reaffirm what you already believe, and to remind you that it is the responsiblity and Duty of all free men to ensure their continued freedom, liberty, and security by any means necessary. Keep your eyes and hears open, your powder dry, and your muzzle toward the enemy. The coming fight for Liberty will not be an easy task.

Tip of the Day: If you have not yet begun to prepare I suggest your first stop be to the local Gun Store. Buy some type of  “assault Rifle”(if you can afford it, if not theres still time to save a bit and purchase one, AK or Galil/Golani styles are easy to come by and relatively priced) in either .223, 7.62×39, or .308/ 7.62×54. These are the most common rounds for any police or military force. If your state prohibits “assault Rifles” then grab yourself a .12ga shotgun, Semi-automatic preferably, and smooth bore barrel. This will ensure that you can use a wide variety of ammunition types chambered in .12ga. Or a nice lever-action repeater will suffice. Make sure you buy nothing in exotic calibers, ask your dealer before purchase. If you have the funds also try to pick up a side arm as back up in either 9mm, 40mm, or .45 calibers. Again the most common types of ammo.


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