Just a Spoon Full of Sugar

Helps the Medicine go down, right? Well if you replace the word sugar with social justice, and medicine with socialism then people are more apt to accept it. So lets say it again shall we, you can even sing it if you want to(although it doesn’t flow very well). Just a spoon full of social justice helps the socialism go down! See sounds better right? Now replace Spoon with Government and presto! YOU ARE IN AMERICA!! You are the passenger, social justice is the car, Climate change is the fuel, and the Bilderberg Group are the Drivers. Once you actually see the ramification’s of what socialism/fascism/communism really do you can imagine the eventual outcome. Just look at pre-WWII, during the rise of the “NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY,” (for those of you not yet fully awake thats the  NAZI party!)  when Hitler was gaining power by assuming control of the private sector (See the Federal Reserve, the Private Banks, the Auto industry, Private Health insurance, Health industry, Energy industry thru Green control measures, and a number of others) then using it to persecute the Jews (which the people allowed because Hitler Demonized the the Jews to gain support by blaming them for all their problems) and conquer Europe. Hitler Demonized the Jews the same way our government has demonized the current health industry. Why? So they can gain your support to control it. The same way they demonized the energy industry so you would allow them to heavily regulate (and eventually take over, see new EPA report on carbon dioxide, FYI to all you boozers out there notice the second definition, more specifically where it say fermentation! Bye bye Liquor! ) them by claiming their saving the planet from climate change (Global warming for those of us who can still remember the rhetoric of the past 10 years) before people realised, just recently thankfully, that; 1). the world was actually cooling over the past 10 years 2). Even when the world was warming it was natural, it always has been, and 3). if you know anything about science then you know that a Greenhouse effect is better for the plants of the environment and food production, and help trap warmth in the atmosphere so we don’t freeze to death like the dinosaurs! Where are you trying to go with all this information you might ask? Well to those of you not Awake yet it’s simple, if you have any common sense, and know the facts of our current situation, and history, then you know that by convincing you of government forced equality thru social justice (like Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Mussolini, Mao Tse-tung, Castro, and others) and by controlling your income and private property (Governmental seizure of your assets) via taxes of all kinds, and by using “Climate Change” and the U.N. to impose treaties and more control of the private sector (which is not voted upon by the peoples of the world), what do you have? We have a FORCED FASCIST WORLD REGIME! If thats what YOU want then you might as well get used to the idea that you’ll no longer have freedom of speech, religion, privacy, and all your other freedoms that you take for granted now. AND YES IT WILL HAPPEN!!  So, if like me your willing to fight for your freedoms and the liberties of your family and legacy then you need to get involved. Stop listening to the Pocket Media and go to the independent sources. The websites that I have linked to are a good start. But here are some others.

Resistance Tip of the Day: Many of you know that in any conflict the most fierce and uncontrollable fighting is always within the confines of metropolis areas. It’s because of this, why urban fighting has become one of the primary focuses of the military. So to help you in the eventual fight against the Fascist Oppressors I give you this Resistance tip. If you are in or plan to operate within an urban zone, get yourself a city map. This will not only serve as a means to navigate your AO but if done correctly you can use it to help Identify Strategic locations. Look for natural or man-made Choke points (I.E. Bridges, Docks, ect.). Control or at least disruption of these points, will help in upsetting supply and reinforcements to the enemy. Also look for any buildings that may be of use for a Command and Control point, Casualty Collection point, supplies, possible enemy fortifications (such as Gov. Buildings, public centers, Law enforcement centers, and even Hospitals), fall back positions and rally points, Ambush locations, and even recruitment.  It’s always just as important to understand the terrain in which you fight as it is in the way you fight in it.

Stay Alert, and Stand Ready.


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  1. Excellent, my friend! Well spoken indeed.

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