I thought we had more time.

And so it begins( well I had tried to link it to the word but it wont let me I guess so heres the whole thing http://freedomfighterradio.net/?p=13007) , this is but the start. As much as it pains me to say this they should have waited. If this turns out to be an act against the Gov., for the reason we all think, then our side will have fired the first shot, and it’s so much harder to win back public support if you fire first. Be patient, be prepared, and stay low. As much as we all know that this thing wont truly kick off til the next Concord, we have to show restraint. At least for the time being. If we fire first all it will do is hasten the Gov. to impose martial law, then we wont be able to get fully ready. So say you can never be fully ready, but you can at least be at the point when you can no longer think of anything you might need. If your already at that point then God bless you because im not, and I don’t think even half of our movement is. We may have the guns and ammo, but that just aint enough to continue a prolonged conflict and thats what it will be.

Resistance Tip of the Day: If you are already very comfortable with your Firearms and Ammo supply then may I suggest you get geared up heres a great site for those of you, like myself, who have limited funds. Or if you have the funds and you want to be uniform, heres a great way to help your Militia Unit as a whole.


One Response to “I thought we had more time.”

  1. Wen over, read it. You’re right, it’s too soon. We’ve got to try to fix it at the ballot box, we have one more chance. If we don’t get it fixed next year, then it may well be the sign. If we don’t have some positive effect, we’ll have to raise the Hell.

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