One Small Step for Man, One Big Step toward Oppression.

It appears that our so-called “leaders” have taken their first step toward a One World Government. With pResident ObaMao at the Climate gate summit in NopeNhagen, the socialist have finally managed to use the Myth about Glo’Bull Worming to proceed with their plans to end sovereignty and combine their taxes to lay the groundwork for eventual “Global Governance.” This at the same time that the last DemonCrap senator caved in on the health care debacle. No one knows exactly what the final bill will look like but im pretty sure that even with all the concessions made to get it passing that it will still ruin this nations economy even further that it is. Once our economy it in utter disarray there will be no other “politician’s” answer to fix it except to join the European Union and accept the Euro as our currency. Factor that in with the fact than we will now most likely be paying world taxes already form this Climate gate fiasco and wa’la’ World government. What they don’t realize (or possible they do and believe their Brown Shirts can oppress) is how resolute the American can be when his back is against the wall. Like the Sleeping Dragon of WWII this countries people will fight to save her freedom and preserve their liberty. It’s already started. Look at the Tea Parties, the Gun sales, the rise in Milita and the number of people who have been coming out of the conservative closet (especially in hollywood, i.e. Angalina Jolie who’s not yet on the list). We the People will not stand ideally by as the Ruiner in Chief and the Socialist Dem’s destroy this country. I firmly Believe that we have about a year left before things get so bad that there will be no other option save for rebellion. For “those that make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable,” John F. Kennedy. Thats right JFK words. The President that the left Idolizes so much. You’d figure they would take his words to heart. Wait I take that back, because it appears that as much as people like to quote MLK they don’t seems to remember that “Judge not a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.” Thats how Obama got elected, White guilt combined with the majority of the black communities guilt if they didn’t vote for a black man. Throw in a little ACORN voter Fraud and BAM! Good bye America. Oh and don’t worry, I won’t forget to add those Conservatives who didn’t vote because they thought they didn’t need to or that it wouldn’t change anything. Your just as much at fault as the Fitty 2 that Voted him in. Did you not think that maybe with all the leftist  fawning and worshiping over this guy and all the press coverage he got that maybe it would have been a good idea to, I don’t know, REASEARCH AND FUCKING VOTE! Yes I just Called you out. Now the best we could hope to do is to take back congress next year, and I don’t just mean the required seats to nullify a filibuster, I mean the WHOLE FUCKING THING! Then fill it with good, honest, real Americans. Ones who will write the wrongs that have been done to liberty and justice. Otherwise, you know the alternative.

Resistance Tip of the Day: and an Idea about where to get KNO3


One Response to “One Small Step for Man, One Big Step toward Oppression.”

  1. Good rant, brother! And a nifty tip of the day. 😈

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