So it really has begun.

This I just saw on American Resistance radio. If you believe it, which I do, then its clear that we have hit a nerve. Intimidation…Chicago style. Please don’t mind the stuttering, not all of us have teleprompters.


11 Responses to “So it really has begun.”

  1. […] Once again, borrowed from Freedom Fighter. […]

  2. Linked. Borrowed the vid. Fucking excellent.

  3. Actually ‘Nazi freaking Germany’ refered to their country as the Fatherland, not Homeland.

  4. My point is that it is inaccurate, casting doubt on the rest of the speech.

    • Also, rebellion is spelled with two l’s. Might wanna change that.

      • FreedomFighter Says:

        Is that the best you can come up with? Really, word play? You missed the point of the vid, the fact that the people are becoming ever more affraid of the government is not a good thing. What happends to a cornered animal thats afraid for its life? Oh an while I appreciate you notifing me of my misspelled word(even if condecendingly), its hardly the point of the quote. Semantics only go so far.

      • Well it’s changed, thank you for letting me know. Sometimes in a hurry to get rolling I tend to think faster than my fingers can type. Out of the 108 times people have stopped by in a bout 2 weeks your the only one who noticed. Thak you.

  5. No problem, misspellings happen.

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