Well, its time for the passive aggressive I guess.

This I found at American resistance Radio, which they got from the Mississippi Militia. Sounds like a good plan to me. I don’t really have the time to contribute, with work and watching the boy, but I can still predict that just by posting this I’ll get a knock on my door if it starts to happen in my area.

Resistance Tip of the Day: Took a lesson form the Vietcong on this one. If you need a very cheap “M.R.E.” get some rice and water in some type of sealable container and go. Equal parts water and rice. The rice will soak up the water over time, albeit slowly but at least you’ll have something to eat once you break for camp. The Vietcong would cut bamboo with one cut below the bottom knot and the other above, then core out the top knot, filled it with rice and water then stuck a cork in the whole. Presto! MRE for later. Now they got out the rice with chopsticks.


One Response to “Well, its time for the passive aggressive I guess.”

  1. That is one of the good tips brother. Rice is healthy and plentiful. Buy large bags, separate into numerous air-tight containers. There are incredible amounts of things out there that will stretch that rice as well. Does it live and breathe? Meat. Some more attractive than others, but it is a good general rule. Dandelions. Screw Spinach, dandelion greens are far better.

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