A little perspective.

“Freedom Fighter, why are you always talking about conspiracy theories? That stuffs only in the movies!” If thats what you believe then it’s clear that you have been coerced to believe that by liberal Hollywood and the blatant propaganda in films for the past several decades. Well here is something that you might find rather interesting as to why many like myself believe theres some evil afoot. If your not yet convinced that there are many in power right now that want to relinquish our freedom and national sovereignty, and replace it with a New World Order than you need to WAKE THE FUCK UP to reality. If you’re a leftist not actively pushing for a NWO then your frustration is entirely misguided about who to blame for non-existent man-made climate change. To solve a problem it’s always better to think with your head then your heart. Use your logic centers of the brain and really think about what is really going on, who really profits, and who’s really seizing control of our lives.

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