Teachers Teach Your kids their smarter than you.

Just when we thought we knew how to spot indoctrination this doctrine comes outta no where. Designed for kids to belittle their parents like the children they themselves are, its a strategy straight out the Stanilist playbook. Get to the kids and you control the parents.

When I was a school child in Stalinist Hungary, we were frequently warned about the numerous threats facing our glorious regime. I also recall that we were encouraged to lecture our errant parents about the new wonderful values being promoted by our brave, wise leaders. The Big Brothers of the 1940s saw children as tools of moral blackmail and social control. Today, in the twenty-first century, scaremongers see children in much the same way, exploiting their natural concern with the wonders of life to promote a message of shrill climate alarmism.

And that was just the second paragraph. Read the rest yourself. it makes one wonder what their taxes are really paying for in the schools.

Resistance Tip of the Day: Even after you have invested hard-earned money into building your War Fighter set, theres nothing wrong about re-evaluating it and testing it to figure out what really works for you(standardised equipment is a good start, but to regulate it will only hurt in the long run. Everyone fights a little differently). Testing in a non combat environment is rather difficult I know, but who’s to say that you can’t get a group of like-minded individuals to go train with. Oh wait, isn’t that called  a Militia? I can tell you this from personal experience that it’s better to get it as close to right in practice before you have to figure out the failures in combat. Even to this day I try out new configurations with my gear, any time I’m bored I’ll sit down with my Kit and go over what really works and what doesn’t. Dont try to overload yourself either. If you bought something that doesn’t work, don’t try to force it, I’m sure you got some compatriot’s who could use the gear and vis versa.


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