This is America Isn’t it?

Saw this over at Big Government. Quite good I say. It means that if you work hard you can achieve much. In today’s society, due to social justice, and the supposed Equality for all, it’s easier to let some other hard-working schmuck pay your bills though (until everyone decides that, then who pays the bills?). I understand that sometimes you need help, but to assume that your owed something form someone else just because your told that by some teacher or politician somewhere, then all you have done is turned yourself  into a slave, because now your dependent on the government and subject to their will when ever they decide to collect.You have to understand that we have had equality, the civil rights movement ensured that. Martin Luther King (R) would be ashamed of everyone who would rather sit on their ass and collect a government check instead of exploiting the opportunity that he and many others alike fought to ensure. There are those that say minorities don’t have the same opportunity to succeed as “the white man” does, this is a lie perpetrated by the “white leftist,” because they are the racist ones. To say that you can’t succeed because your black or hispanic implies that you are not as good as a white. Basically they just told you that you are a lesser person. YOU CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN, YOU NEED ME. Your not good enough, you’ll never be seen as equals. FYI the founder of the KKK was a democrat. Those that opposed the Civil Rights of all were democrat. Obama is a puppet put in place to draw the votes of the minorities. Use your head. Do you really think these people in office actually care about your standard of living? If they did they would take the reins off American industry (much like china has) to allow economic growth and a better way of life. Do you see less regulation in the U.S. now that Obama is keeping the oval office warm for the next president? Use your head not your heart on this one.


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