When a suspected Terrorist See’s it, it’s bad, real bad.

Well I read this little piece over at Infowars, and while I doubt the validity of the accusations against the suspect in the post I completely agree with the message. Here’s a snip.

This corruption of our legal system, if history is any guide, will not be reserved by the state for suspected terrorists, or even Muslim Americans. In the coming turmoil and economic collapse, it will be used to silence all who are branded as disruptive or subversive. Hashim endures what many others, who are not Muslim, will endure later.

Where they got it wrong, is the following sentence. Basically it’s flip-flopped. Instead of leftist (which is basically who he described) it’s the rest of us. We’re already seeing it. If you disagree with what this administration or Government is doing your labeled something discriminatory to force a negative image of what you represent. Hitler did it with the Jews, and the SOTUS and congress are doing it to the Conservatives. This is exactly why it’s so important to stay informed, stay armed and stay alert. Even Gandhi knew that gun control was wrong.

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

If a total pacifist understood the need for self-defence then obviously so should we.

Resistance Tip of the Day: While you can still get it. Start buying and storing black power form your local Anti-Tyranny Store.


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