Alittle back-round of myself for you.

So I was over at New World Order Report, read an article there that caught my eye and I realised that even after meeting Michael Yon, and hearing about his blogs on the Infantry battalion I was attached to in 05, I had never been to his site. So I went, clicked on the archives for 05 and started reading about his exploits with Deuce Four. While I am not mentioned personally in any of his post, it’s interesting to read about the same unit form a different perspective. I know what happened, when I was involved, outside of that it’s all a vague blur. A lot of shit happened over there and not all of it is worth remembering.  Just so you all know where my experience may be I want to turn you over to Michael Yon’s site for a min. The unit he’s writing about is 1/24 IN (Punisher’s)  25th ID. Go back thru his post about them and you will see the shit they got thrown their way.  My PsyOp team was attached to them for the last 5 mo. they were in Mosul, Iraq. I personally meet Yon on several occasion, since he was embedded with the battalion. I personally worked for C Co., rolled out with them almost every day. Their Commander was ass to me, I think because of my rank, I was the lowest ranking member at his BUB’s (SPC. at the time), but i did my job and tried to offer something more than the previous team. It didn’t help when my leadership failed to help me produce what I had told the Capt. I could possible get for him. The FSO, is who i reported to mostly, and at least he tried to work with me on some of the issues we had in the area dealing with hearts and minds and all. I got the sense that the commander didn’t like him much either. I still wonder if it had anything to do with me. Never the less, These guys saw a lot of shit. They kicked major ass, while chewing gum at that, and when they left I was sad. I had to stay another 7 mo., learn a new group of guys most who were never deployed before. That unit was 1/72nd STRYKER brigade from Alaska. Their Brigade hadn’t deployed to war since Korea. Yet here they were, conducting left seat right seat rides with the 25th. My detachment had trained with them at Fort Polk La. prior to us hitting country. They were ate the fuck up at that time but learned a lot there. Most of their failure’s were at the higher levels of command. Their grunts knew their shit, but like all of us, learning more is better. I learned what I could form deuce four (learned a lot from the insurgents too),  and passed it on. Longer story short, when the SHTF here, I’ll be ready.


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