Damn the Biscuits and Gravy!!

Ok, I know I havent posted in a while but I have been busy arguing with the wife and couldn’t think straight, but when I saw this this morning over at ARR, I couldn’t let it go. It’s pure stupidity. I can’t believe their wasting money man-power, and assets for this obviously bogus charge. Here’s the video.

This is just more proof of the over reaching local and federal Governments.

Resistance Tip of the Day: Remember to ditch your trackable items. If the SHTF and you need to boogy, take out all the cash you have in your accounts, buy up as much last-minute supplies on any credit cards you may have, and throw all your cards away. Only keep important paper documents such as BIRTH CERTIFICATES!!! If possible keep 2 formes of Photo ID, it will identify you to the enemy true, but you may also be able to get by any check points until they know who you are. Lastly do not bring any biscuits. Smurfs (BHB, AKA. Blue Helmeted Bastards, UN Troops, NWO) are attracted to them like flies to light. Keep them at home.


3 Responses to “Damn the Biscuits and Gravy!!”

  1. Again, oh for fucks sake. WTF?!?! Good GOD, what idiots. Any-fucking-thing they can do to fuck with Joe Average. This is private business, and is beyond what they should be fucking with. Nothing else to do? Just wanting to screw with people? Damn.

    One of my favorite foods, strangely enough, IS S.O.S.

  2. […] ones lot in life not run through the government mechanism. Somebody wants to help themselves up? Can’t have that, can we? How stupid is this control mechanism […]

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