Oh, do you want a revolution!?

Well yes, according to the EU times.

Kremlin position papers presented to Prime Minister Putin today on his upcoming meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen state that the European-US military alliance has authorized an ‘emergency request’ from President Obama to utilize American and Canadian NATO troops to put down what is expected to be a “rebellion” after the expected January, 2010 ‘declaration of bankruptcy’ by the State of California.

Well, looks like we were right. US and Foreign troops on our soil to put down any possible rebellion? Sound’s to me like what our government did in Saudi. They used the war in Iraq to set-up bases then and we didn’t leave for 10 years! Could the same happen here, Foreign troops set up “out-post” here to “maintain order.” Sound Familiar? It should, it’s how the British Army was able to quarter their troops in American home’s just prior to, and during the Revolutionary War that founded our great nation, forged in the blood of patriots that still run through the veins of many in this land of God. If I was living in Kalifornia right now I’d be real inclined to move shortly. Good luck to our battle brothers in CA. Your gonna need it one way or the other.


3 Responses to “Oh, do you want a revolution!?”

  1. Time for more ammo.

  2. cheapshot911 Says:

    Y’know, we might not be the one’s that this legislation winds up addressing.

    Check my logical sequence here, tell me if I’m trackin’ right.
    1 – Dem’s are bleeding out of political momentum.
    2- Many previously unknown challengers are lookin’ better due to the nauseating sleaze factor of the liberal incumbents.
    3 The liberal paradise will not be lost without fires, broken glass and the attending hooliganistic tantrums they traditionally face reality with.

    They would probably rather an international team restores order than the local militia.
    Some of us might not be as sensitive.
    And, we’re awful rough on vandals, thugs n’ pediphiles.

    • I honestly dont think it’s for the usual suspects here. Look at what happend during Katrine, the massive gun grab because of all the “looting” and “Rioting,” The people whos guns they took we’re just protecting their own, not out stealing. In either case this is a dangerous prospect. US troops alone, in this political climate with many new gun owners and and Militias still on the rise, and the threat of a NWO making the circles faster than a whore at a bachlor party, is not a good mix, then you throw in foreign troops and Bingo, Revolution. If it doesn’t start with Texas, it has a high possibility to start in Cali.

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