Socialist are like the Devil, their greatest trick was convincing man they don’t exist. Atleast in America.

A legitimate enterprise never needs to fool its customers into thinking that they will receive something for nothing. It is only the scammers that need to do that. What a promise of something for nothing really indicates is a venture that is run by people who are incapable of hard work, who get by on tricking others out of their hard-earned money. And that in short is what socialism looks like, with its monolithic bureaucracies where incompetence is the order of the day, its offices upon offices that never need to produce their results or show their books, and its embedded corruption that insures the money never goes where you think it does.

When you look at socialism on paper it actually sounds good. But how often have you heard “sounds to good to be true?” Well thats because it is. Socialism only works until the government runs out of other peoples money. What will eventually happen is the poor will get even poorer, the middle class will get poor, the rich will become wealthy, and those in power will become more powerful.  All the while still trying to pit the classes against each other, and passing bailout after bailout to their monetary supporters, who will continuously lose even more money from falling revenue due to ever decreasing consumers (since, you know, their broke!).

Dont believe me? Fine, you’ll be one of the poor dying from starvation in the street, homeless and begging for work. You think people will be dying in the street from lack of health care reform, you aint seen nothin’ yet.


One Response to “Socialist are like the Devil, their greatest trick was convincing man they don’t exist. Atleast in America.”

  1. Pretty damn good there! Sharp.

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