Security for Liberty

Well it appears that the Bush administration had pre planned the Patriot Act and that NORAD was practicing using planes as weapons.. Found the Link at ARR.  If this is true, which is seems to be, then it adds more credibility to the global governance idea, and justification to the truthers. Our liberties are dying, one after another. With the coronation of BO last year the pace at which we become serf’s has drastically increased. In my option theres only one saving grace left for us in the end, Revolution. If (like i said before) the ballot box does not bring us the real change that we all hoped for then the ammo box is our only option left. No one wants war, even less so for those that would fight it. I would much rather live out my life in happiness with my family, but I fear that my son will be forced to grow up in servitude. That is why I would fight, and I would fight dirty to win if I must.


2 Responses to “Security for Liberty”

  1. There is no such thing as fighting “clean” or “dirty”. There is fighting to WIN or to LOSE.

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