We ‘ARE’ at war!

As if we didn’t have enough trouble here at home we must still remind ourselves from time to time that besides our own government there is another enemy that we must continually defend against. Radical islam is the second biggest threat to our existence next to the socialist in office currently. While the Islamofacist threaten our lives physically, the Marxist congress and SINC threaten our freedoms. I would much rather Die on my feet than live on my knees. Which is why terrorism takes a close second on my threats watch list.

courtesy of CMBlake

Heres a little trick for you. if you have a WordPress blog create a new post and type these word in, in lower case.

jesus, christ, christianity, god, judaism, jew, hebrew, islam, allah, and  shari’a.

Then hit the spell check button and see what words are suggested to be capitalised.

Resistance Tip of the Day: Remember always to have faith in your cause, when your belief wavers so does your ability to win. believing in the purpose for which you are fighting is the most important part of any fight. There is nothing stronger or more dangerous than a person completely devoted to their belief. Just ask the terrorist.


One Response to “We ‘ARE’ at war!”

  1. Yup! Fuckers who WANT to die for their cause are the most uncontrollable. Such as ragheads. Followed by those willing to die if they must.

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