Revolutin and world war? Naw…

Its said that the rest of the world gets better information about whats happening here in the states then we do, That being said, I have to say that im not entirely convinced by this article. According to the EUtimes, not only is there a civil war or revolution on the rise but now theres a possible World War brewing too. Now as much as I believe that the revolution is coming I have my doubts about a large-scale military build up to stave off a massive immanent attack on US soil. Unless of course it’s from China, in which case, Red Dawn 2 will go from theatrical to historical before it even releases. My doubts about this article have to do with the authors persistence about Married Moms turning to porn to ease financial burden, I just can’t believe that his numbers are accurate. It’s almost as if he’s drawing a hypothetical conclusion based on current US threats like the crotch bomber, and the number of terror events that have taken place in a very short time, combined with the number of unemployed and working moms who suddenly have nothing to do while the kids are away. Even if media here ignored, or are not purvey to the information coming out of the white house, I don’t think they could miss something like porn Moms, our primarily liberal media couldn’t pass that up. It’s articles like this, with no real facts to back them up, that shed doubt on the very real threat of a coming NWO and police state. As much as I believe there’s a real revolution on the rise(hopefully non-violent), I’m going to have to say that this particular piece is just a rumor. Until he’s got evidence. After reading this article it makes me have my doubts about another article I posted on from the same site. Furthermore, I being in the service myself have to admit that I have not heard of any active duty, reserve, or national guard units going on alert outside normal deployment rotations. Even though my unit went on alert last november for possible OIF OEF deployment,and while a coworkers unit went on alert just a few days ago for OIF OEF, I still do not believe it’s for the purpose the author states. Again unless it’s form the Chinese, or the Russians. In either case, world leaders know that to start a global war in the middle of an international recession is economic suicide for their country, more so if they lose. With that said, I believe that the possibility of foreign troops deploying across the country to help our government quell any uprising is a little more probable. Then again, if you think about it, our government has been positioning our military in very strategic locations worldwide since WWII. Maybe this is the reason, I don’t know yet. I can only speculate. Read the article and you decide for yourself.


One Response to “Revolutin and world war? Naw…”

  1. With that said, I believe that the possibility of foreign troops deploying across the country to help our government quell any uprising is a little more probable.

    Very likely.

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