Hmm, can InterPol take your guns under C.I.F.T.A.? How ’bout the UN?

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Ok so now that I have some time and can think clearly let me give this another try shall I. Ok here goes.

The Founding Fathers (remember them?)  restricted “statism,” limiting central government to the funding of defense and the delivery of mail.  Today, however, we’ve flouted their vision.  Every aspect of life, from medicine to energy, is a call to “spend and rule.”  The Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights….” yet few adhere to this construct.  It goes on to say, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it….”  And it is here, boldly, where Force comes into play.  The destruction of truths being patent, government must preserve, through machinations and legislation, a sometimes overt, sometimes clandestine, and always inexorable, usurpation of liberty.  George Bush conceived the Patriot Act, a questionably legal bill, and now his successor, who keeps it in place, threatens Freedom by targeting guns. 

Thats the Point right there. Thats why this administration has yet to repeal the P-act. Its their tool to keep a watch list of AMERICANs who pose a threat to the government and NWO. I’m sure I’m on the list. Not just for the rants I have here but because I’m a Christian, a Veteran, and Gun Owner.  Shit, just being one of those 3 these days is enough to get you on the list. Thats Ok, I have a list of my own. I’m not going to post it for obvious reasons.  ‘But FreedomFighter there’s too many guns here, they can never take them all.’ No but their gonna try. They’ve seen how there has been such a jump in the number of Firearms sold since last year (and still goin), in order for them to seize it all and arrest the violators there gonna need a lot of Troops to do it right? Well with 2 wars, numerous troops overseas in various location, limited Police Forces and homeland security personal (including CIA, FBI, ATFE, ect.), who’s to say that..oh idont know..they dont call up the assistance of agencies that are immune to our constitution and laws? Hey I know, Lets call InterPol! Then we can use foreign troops from the UN under CIFTA and the new council of governors to declare martial law and take them anyway! Yea I agree, that sounds about right dont it?

C.I.F.T.A., a U.N. treaty, which purports to limit arms-trafficking, is his vector.  Bill Clinton signed CIFTA in 1997, but the Republican-controlled Senate wouldn’t ratify, and the “evil” George Bush stone-walled for eight years.  Today, with leftists in power, there is no stone-walling.  In October, the United States reversed course, declaring that it was amenable to the treaty, and proceeded to back a time-table for signing.  The set-up occurred last April, when Obama, meeting with Felipe Calderon,  declared that “90% of guns recovered by Mexican authorities come from the U.S., many from shops that line our shared border.”  ( False—he QUINTUPLED the figure—but early on, the president abjured facts.)  In Mexico, he went on to say: “At a time when the Mexican government has so courageously taken on the drug cartels that have plagued the border, it is absolutely critical that the U.S. partner in dealing with these issues….  I am urging the Senate in the United States to ratify an inter-American treaty (CIFTA) to curb arms trafficking that is a source of many weapons used in the drug war.” 

‘But FreedomFighter! The pResident and Eric said there’s no plans to enact a new anti-gun bill, so why are you so worried?’ Well thats because there’s no need to create a need bill just a treaty. Which congress will allow because of the number of statist there are in the seats. If they tried to create a new bill, then they would have to publish it to the people prior to a vote according to law (not like they really care about the people or their laws anyway but i digress). In either case there would be a shit storm similar to the one we’ve seen on Health Care reform, cept this time instead of Picket signs there’d be Guns! Then all it would take to spark the keg would be for one uneasy Cop or security member to go a little to far. The Government doesn’t want that, not because they care about lives but because they care about maintaining control and tax revenue.

  How, given this, can it be anything but parlous?  Does anyone, besides a Right-wing Rogue, sense danger in being bound to “law” eagerly signed by Venezuela and Cuba?  Alan Korwin, at, points out that CIFTA clears the way for a national gun registry, a legislative non-starter.  The treaty, if implemented,  would require the U.S. to adopt “licensing requirements,” to mark firearms when they’re made, and to establish “information sharing” between CIFTA nations.  Americans could conceivably be required to obtain a license “per/round,” be banned from adding features to weapons, and have the whereabouts, type and number of their arms disclosed to foreign powers

Do you remember the seen at the very beginning of Red Dawn, where the Cuban Officer told his adjutant to go to the gun stores and find the form that has the names and addresses of all the people in town that owned guns and what kind? Well if you combine CIFTA with the Patriot act what do you get?

Clearly, then, this is less about smuggling than it is about control.  John Bolton, former U.S. representative to the U.N., observes that “the Obama administration is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about trade between nations, but there’s no doubt—as was the case over a decade ago—that the real agenda is the control of domestic arms.” 

There it is folks, if you didn’t already know this (which im sure if you read my shit you did) then you got your head so far up your ass in the sand you can see China! Look I’m not saying McCain would have been any better but at least he understood Patriotism and the will of the people. You Muther Fuckers who voted the pieces of Shit in Office now deserve whats comin. Not Tyranny, but Retribution.

Oh and incase your wondering about the type of people who voted for this joker here you go….

and here

Incase you didn’t notice those were all Mugshots.


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  1. Superb post update! Well done.

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