Another source of the coming Police state

WND has reported about an Army founded report suggesting that a New Security Police Force could be a possibility.

” The answer to this question (about its purpose) depends on the situation into which an SPF might be inserted. The SPF could be used for missions such as: shaping an environment before a conflict; law enforcement duties in an active conflict environment; or security, stability, transition and reconstruction (SSTR) operations after a conflict. It could operate as an independent entity under a U.S. ambassador or a U.N. Senior Representative to the Secretary General (SRSG), or as a force element reporting to a Joint Task Force (JTF) commander,” the report states.

Is this what Obama was talking about when he suggested during his campaign that the country needed a Civilian Security Defence Force, that was just as well founded and trained as our military? These are the kind of questions that need answering. It’s very important to know and understand that the closer we get to completing the puzzle the easier it becomes to piece it together. Don’t think he said it during the campaign? Well here you go.


One Response to “Another source of the coming Police state”

  1. Excellent catch. We knew this, but proof to rub in leftist faces is always sweet. No matter how bad it stinks. In fact, the more it stinks the better to rub it in.

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