Former Marine Arrested on False charges.

Pay attention. They say the 203s were stolen on their war to a war zone and were not found. Does that make any sence to those who have served as recently as the Iraq war? With the amount of scrutiny placed on sensitive items these days its clear that the 203 was planted by the ATF because this man is such a threat. remember the story goes that the sheriff saw several weapons when he went to arrest him for the supposed sex with a minor. I had a friend who served 5 years because he picked up a girl at a BAR, took he home, did his thing, then found out she was only 16.  Now whose fault is that? His? should he have check her ID when the bouncer should have? I mean she WAS at the bar drinking. Or is it her parents, for letting her go out without knowing where their child really is? or is it the Bars fault for letting her in? There is such a think as extenuating circumstances. I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Drinking and ready to go I doubt any of you would have given a second thought. Especially these days when you can’t tell anymore. Nows he’s in federal detention. I don’t know about you, but is certainly sounds fishy to me. Whats the best way to get rid of the opposition, demonize them and criminalize them. Thats exactly what happened here. Now the movement is being looked at the same they did in the 90s. Like a bunch of crackpot anarchist. Look I’m not saying he’s completely innocent, but the circumstances seem highly out of the ordinary. Whose to say that the 203s were stolen then sold privately to the accused. I don’t think I would pass the chance up, you can own them but you have to register them and their godly expensive. (about 2100 a piece). There are just any number of possibilities that only a FAIR and HONEST trial will bring out. I suspect that it wouldn’t be due to the history of corruption in the ATF when it comes to rights and liberties. On this I welcome a good debate. let me know what you think.


2 Responses to “Former Marine Arrested on False charges.”

  1. There are just any number of possibilities that only a FAIR and HONEST trial will bring out.

    And THERE is the qualification.

  2. And as you said, how in the fuck were these “stolen on the way to Iraq”? Ain’t happenin’.

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