Im sure you’ve heard about the New ACR price?

The most anticipated combat rifle this year was the new Bushmaster ACR. It had ben delayed for years, further building the anticipation. It was originally priced at no more than 15-1800 bucks. Well I personally called them to get details and now the price is just what the following vid says, 2685, for the basic which doesn’t have a folding/collapsible stock, and there not even releasing the multi-caliber til next year. the only one available first is only the .223, then a conversion for 6.8 later in the year. What the Fuck are they Thinking? I’ve been debating on this and I still conflicted. The possible applications of what the ACR can do is nice, but The XCR is so close with the exception of the multi caliber lower. But they are half the price and all the conversions are available now. For the Price Bushmaster wants I could get he XCR from Rob arms and the conversions to 7.62x.39 at the same time. I would have to get the crazy Franken AR 7.62 mags but……I dont know. We’ll see after tax time.


One Response to “Im sure you’ve heard about the New ACR price?”

  1. Completely nuckin’ futs, that.

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