404 Error!

For any readers i might have out there i would just like to say im sorry for not keeping up these past few weeks. Its been hectic here at home and work and drill. Plus my PC is crashing all the time now. It was a problem before but now its at the point where its time to send it off for repairs. I do have a laptop but the wife needs it for school so she hides it from me knowing that once i get it it’s mine again. Any who. This is just an apology and a notification that ill not be posting all to often in the next several weeks. but if you follow the links in some of my other post it’ll take you to the same places I get my info. So for now I’ll be relying on my buddy CMblake6 for all the news, Lord knows that the TV media doesn’t cover it.


One Response to “404 Error!”

  1. Not a problem brother. I’ll try to “Hold the fort”.

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