OTP 40k Hits in just days!


The comedy video features rapping by Molotov Mitchell, Constitution Kate, DJ Dolce, The MZA, and features bottle-breaking brawls with SEIU thugs, dancing women in burkhas and even a guest appearance by Black & Right’s Bob Parks. With over 40,000 views since it launched just days ago, the video could very well become an internet sensation. Take a look, let us know what you think, and judging from the liberal response, it seems to have struck a nerve.

The number of views since I posted this are currently sitting at 57,643. I normally despise Rap but I rather enjoy this song. My reasoning of distaste for cRap is that I always hear the same theme in them, asses, ho’s, drugs, guns, fuck whitey, kill cops etc. But this song is simple and has a strong message. You lie, we vote you out.


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