I regret to inform you…

But I am deciding to take down my Blog. I know that there may only be a few readers out there, but I have been following my stats and noticed that 90% of my viewer-ship is because I have posted Zombie pictures and not for the Information I post here.  That being said it is also getting more difficult for me to post something new often enough to make it worth it for you. Between my Wife and my boy, the gym, work, sleep, I am finding it less desireable for me as well. I Know there will be at least one person out there that will see this as a victory for them, but rest assured, I may have taken my own site down but am by no means out and throwing in the towel. I will still frequent my other sites for information and post on a number of others. So if you havent yet added them to your favorites heres the list of sites I frequent. Keep in mind that I am not always 100% with some of their Thinking but, Support them none the less.

















Ok the last one is purely for entertainment purposes, cuz you have to c the funny sometimes right? If you havent head of these sites before you’re welcome, otherwise forget I said anything. Well my friends, I guess this is it.. I will leave the site up for about a week just so everyone has the chance to know this site is coming down. That and so I have time to figure out how to actually do it….

Feel Free to leave your email.


5 Responses to “I regret to inform you…”

  1. fmwoods01 Says:

    I can certainly understand your reasons for closing up shop here. Those are the very reasons I have not nor shall in the foreseeable future start a blog of my own. I have visited your place usually daily and frequent Chris as well. I do know that I will be seeing you around in my travels. So take care and until the next time…keep your powder dry.


    ps: you know what email tree you can find me under should you need to get in touch.

  2. Dude! WTF? Closing down? They win if we fold!

    • Dont think of it so much as folding or giving in, think of it more as a re-alocation of time toward more productive outlets. The post explains it all.

  3. Yeah, yeah. Punking out. Don’t fold, brother. You’ve been posting good shit, and if we give up they win.

    Just fucking with you. You’ve told me your reasons, and I identify. Those who read this? Read me. I’ll talk to FF at work, and I’ll try to pass on his stuff.

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